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To our Readers

Beloved children in the Lord,

On behalf of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, our humility, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, greets the publication of the website of the N.G.O. "Romiosini" with an immense hope and joy.

In these difficult times we live there is a crisis of identity together with a problematic uncertainty for the future offering every single society on earth. We feel it is the duty of the Orthodox Christians and especially of the Rum-Orthodox (irrespective of the language each one speaks) the "urbi et orbi" declaration of the tremendous power of God and of the "unrevealed treasures of wisdom and spiritual knowledge" that co-exist in the Orthodox Church and the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are "unrevealed", hidden, as if under a "shell cover" and this seems to be due the invisibility on the one hand and the apparent weakness of the Orthodox testimony and conduct on the other. Yet these "unrevealed treasures" constitute the one and only source of what is real in existence and also tangible i.e. hope of recovery, peace, prayer and sanctification, the one and only source of all that is "true, humble, righteous, pure, beloved and justified", all that constitutes "virtue and praise" for all people...Read all the welcoming letter 

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