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N.G.O. “ROMIOSINI” contributes to the Center of Love in Eleusina

By initiative of the non governmental organization “Romiosini” of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem examination of the oral hygiene of the children who are cared for by the center of love in Eleusina was successfully conducted on Sunday October 16th 2011 by a team of dentists that visited the Center.

With sensitivity and respect for the children’s souls but most of all with altruism and love, the team of dentists with Mrs. Christophorou in charge proceeded with the dental check-up of almost 40 children, recorded their problems and donated toothbrushes to the children. Soon transportation of the children to the dental offices of the volunteer dentists will be arranged in order to have their problems treated.

In parallel, a short however highly important presentation as for the ways of maintaining dental health was conducted which was carefully attended by the older children and the volunteers of the Center as well.

Simultaneously the young children had the opportunity to keep busy with activities such as mold making with plastecine, drawing and the making of small teeth, which the children shaped with their imagination.

The Head of the center of Love in Eleusina, Mr. Charalambos Pirounakis expressed his gratitude to the dental team and N.G.O. for their initiative and joy they gave to the children while Mrs. Aikaterini Diamantopoulou the Deputy Manager of N.G.O. who was also present congratulated Mr. Pirounakis and the volunteers for their work and assured them that they will proceed to the arrangement of further visits from doctors and other specialists such as general physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists and other specialists who will voluntarily and free of charge offer their services to the children of the Center.

N.G.O. “Romiosini” Secretary’s Office

(translated from the original document in Greek by Mrs. Irini Valasi)

The children are informed about creations with plastecine

The children during their activities with plastecine

The children and the volunteers of the Center attend the presentation regarding dental care


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