Panoramic Projection of the All Holy Sacred Pilgrimages

We are very pleased to announce that the three-dimensional panoramic projection of the All Holy Sacred Pilgrimages via our webspace continues. Herewith follow the 12 ones:

1. The Holy Sepulchre

2. The Holy Laura of Saint Savvas

3. The Holy Church of Madonna Seidanagia

4.The Horrible Golgotha

5. The Most Holy Church of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

6. The Holy Church of Saint Savvas (Catholicon)

7. The Holy Church in Bethlehem

8. The Holy Monastery of Holy Cross 

9. The Catholicon of the Holy  Monastery of the Holy Cross 

10. The Holy Monastery of Saint Charalampos 

11. The Catholicon of the Holy Monastery of Saint Prodromos 

12. The Catholicon of the Holy MOnastery of Avvas Gerasimos the Jordanian


Here you can "tour around" the Sacred Pilgrimages of the Holy Land in three dimensions. Firstly you select the Pilgrimage to visit (it opens to a different window), then you wait for a short while to download and you are ready to start your stroll.

From the Secretariat of the N.G.O. "Romiosini"

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